Red Bull at Night is a new campaign for Red Bull, whose objective is to enhance consumption at night by bridging the gab between brand and product. We wanted to 'give wings' to creatives across the country and inspire consumers through their stories. With Red Bull at Night being the larger umbrella for a few different facets of the campaign, we kicked off the initiative with the 'Artist Series.' We approached several carefully selected creatives whose art would translate well in the night time space, along with having an immersive element, to creative a unique and immersive experience for an event that would be documented and turned into a story. The short films will live on, their YouTube channel and featured on many lifestyle, culture and design blogs. Red Bull at Night will continue to grow over the next year as a domestic and international campaign with roots planted firmly in pushing the boundaries of creativity at night.

agency: Roundhouse | cd/ad: Kelly Harland | copywriter: Andrew McMurchie | photography: Carlo Cruz

The Circuitry of Life by Heather Shaw

Location: Downtown LA Rooftop